Increase your brand value with NFTs & web 3.0

Create digital assets and sell them on emerging markets. Earn with each transaction or create your own smart contract to be involved in interesting benefits with a value for everyone.

NFTs are here to stay!

NFTs open the gates to a new internet – the gates to web 3.0. With the possiblity to digitally own assets, decentralized stored in the blockchain, we can think everything new. Every day celebreties, brands and big companies are joining this space and we are here to help you join next.

Unlimited opportunities to create value for all!

Why you should get into NFTs

Grant exclusive access

Use NFTs as tickets, and allow holders to join groups, concerts or websites.

Secure authentification

Use the blockchain technology for certificates that are not fakeable.

Earn royalty fees

Benefit from smart contracts with which you can create your own rules.

Share with community

Give royalty fees to your holders and let them earn with your brand.

Expand brand exposure

NFTs increase your brand‘s visibility and make more people aware.

Crowdfund new ideas

Sell NFTs and use the collected money to start a company with it.

Why work with VIERLESS NFT?

Coming from a webdesign and branding background, we have our roots in web 2.0. With VIERLESS NFT we have realized this opportunity for ourselves and are now focusing solely on NFTs and web 3.0. Building brands, communites and connecting them to the world wide web is our day to day business for our clients as well as own projects.

German Web Award
Winner 2021
German Web Award
Winner 2022
German Agency Award
Winner 2021
Explore some interesting examples!

NFT project examples by big brands


Digital Collectables

Coca Cola

Charity collection


Virtual Clothing

projects that we care
We are developing a software to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world by making NFTs accessible for everyone.

SoulSquads is all about connection people. Our own NFT collection serves to find like-minded people all around the world.

How we can come together

Explore our VIERLESS NFT packages

NFT consulting

Building the base

You heard about NFTs and want to find out how you could profit from them in your business? Then this is for you!

We come in and educate you and your team about NFTs, crypto, the metaverse and how you can use them for you in the future.

Base Investment

NFT strategy

laying out roadmap

You are ready to take the first step into NFTs and are looking for a bulletproof strategy in your niche?

We are going to:

  • Develop your roadmap
  • Choose platforms and partners
  • Measure success with KPIs

Base Investment + NFT Percentage

NFT partnership

We join as a team

Let’s conquer the NFT space together… with your brand & community and our expertise!

This is our part:

  • NFT development
  • Launch Campaign
  • Blockchain selection
  • Pricing, sale & support

Base Investment + NFT Percentage

Let's get you ready for web 3.0

May we introduce us?

This is us.

Julian Witzel

Design & Strategy

Leonardo Lemos Rilk

Management & Business Development

Daniel Preikschat

Smart Contracts & Sales

Jan Classen

Community Manager & Social Media

Our Headquarter

In the heart of Düsseldorf, this is where we feel home and love what we do.

Let‘s find out how your brand can profit from NFTs

From our NFT blog

Dive into our world of NFTs


You have some questions?

We do not compare ourselves with the others! We focus on quality instead of quantity.
Our approach provides for close and intimate communication for every collaboration.
Highly efficient yet with attention to detail, we noticeably go the extra mile.

The VIERLESS Experience cannot be passed on, you have to experience it yourself.
We see ourselves as a high quality service provider with 100% passion and a trait we are known for:
“We at VIERLESS, treat every project as if it were our own.”

Especially in the NFT sector, there is currently quite a gold rush atmosphere, in which we provide clarification and clarity. As one of the first agencies specializing in NFTs in the German-speaking area, we keep a daily eye on the global market and can provide you with ideal supportive advice.

Furthermore, we benefit from our own practical experience: Our own NFT project “SoulSquads” experiences a great popularity in the community and was developed by us single-handedly from 0. Furthermore, we are currently working on “OURNALITY”, a platform that should establish itself as one of the leading international platforms in the field of NFTs before the end of this year.

That is exactly what we have to find out together.
The emerging industry of NFTs is currently experiencing rapid growth. This is accompanied by new creative ideas and possibilities being worked out every day. Together we will see how far the technology and opportunities of the new NFT market can be used for you. You are welcome to inquire and contact us at any time, completely free of charge and without obligation, looking forward for a nice talk.

Of course, this depends entirely on the scope of the respective project. Due to our well-coordinated and experienced team, we can basically say that we need an average of 4-6 weeks for the entire process. Of course, there are also faster implementations on request. At VIERLESS, all clients are treated equally on an equal footing, and with clearly allocated time blocks are handled highly efficiently and with full focus.

Yes, we do! Some projects are so exciting in terms of their subject matter that we are interested in to make ourselves available or actively involved as a permanent partner or even as an integrated participant.